Here is a little preiview of a Timmy Tickle Childrens Party. This was filmed at a girls 5th Birthday Party at home.

As a Children's Entertainer Timmy has performed birthday parties in many homes, from living rooms to back gardens. Of course you can hold your Kids Party in a hall (most common) or any location you like. He's entertained on a train, restraunts, parks and even in the woods!

If you have had Timmy Tickle as a Childrens Entertainer and have any video or photos and are happy to share them please email me.

This is hot off the press!! A liitle short from a 4 year olds party. You can never have too many wands!

This is a short clip of Timmy Tickle joining in with Thaxted Morris Men at Henham Village Fete. Not bad for a children's entertainer. Go Timmy !!

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